Australia Snap & Go Fish

Modern Monty

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Australia Snap & Go Fish
Australia Snap & Go Fish
Australia Snap & Go Fish

Modern Monty have produced a reimagined version of the classic card games, Snap & Go Fish! This ethically made and eco-friendly set comes beautifully packaged in a magnetic-close box.

The all original, watercolour art by Australian artist Amanda Borchers features the amazing native animals that live in Australia. The art will prompt conversation and learning about Australian wildlife, while your little one will also learn skills to take turns, utilise strategy in game play, match pairs, utilise simple math, listening and memory skills and of course learn good sportsmanship.

Game instructions included:
1) Simple Snap (printed on the back of the box)
2) Regular Snap (enclosed in the box)
3) Go Fish (enclosed in the box)

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